Tazik Club. A diamond among the Russian saunas!

Feel yourself a Russian tsar in Tazik Club, the most luxury and prestigious private bathhouse in the center of Moscow! Experience one of the most exotic, may be shocking a the first glance, but very healthy and pleasant Russian traditions! It is the unique chance to feel the hit of Russian steam room, Banya, with authentic wood-burning stoves in 5 kilometers away from Kremlin only.


Part 1. Relax. “Banya” and “Venik” will care you.

Just rent for a few hours spacious and luxurious private apartment equipped with Russian sauna, Hamman (hot stone room in Turkish style), swimming pool and lounge area for you and your friends and enjoy. From 200 up to 500 square meters of marble, natural wood and gold, craftsmans made furniture - it will be all yours!
You will visit authentic steam room with wood-burning stove covered with semi-precious stone from the heart of Ural Mountains. Your body will be relaxed by traditional Russian thermal massage with steam, oak and birch leaves (“venik”), performed by first-class specialists. You will be filled by the delicate smells of natural wood, herbs and honey. You will impressed by carefully dosed temperature contrasts. In between, you will relax in the crystal-clear water of the swimming pool with hydromassage. The most daring heroes will use the fountain with fresh snow, like Russians do it. The effect of these Spa treatments in Russian Bunya is absolutely unique. Your body will feel itself washed, detoxed and reborn, and your mind will become light and clear. By the way, it`s much more healthy, comparing with a typical western sauna becouse of the difference in temperature and humidity.
Take a picture with an authentic ancient Samovar (4.5 liter gilden tea kettle running on the wood charcoal and pine cones), test some tea with honey and wild berries jam which is especially useful together with thermal massages.

Our address is: 1812 Goda street, 18. Moscow, Russia

You can show the contact page for you taxy driver. 


Part 2. Fun. Music, Vodka, Karaoke and Russian cuisine.

But it will be just the beginning, the best will be ahead! After the sauna and relax, it's time for fun. It’s time to gather at the dining table of your apartment for a rousing private party. Our Chief, the two-time winner of “The Chef of Russia” Prize will carefully prepare traditional Russian snacks for you, which are usually accompanied by shots of ice-cold vodka. Or enjoy carefully selected wines and scotches from our collection, trying Kamchatka crabs, beef steaks, Siberian fish and signature delicacies. After that, the tired can relax in the cozy bedrooms. But it`s strongly recommended to continue with music, dancing and karaoke songs (more then 20 000 international hits and thousands of Russian are available). Or you can try your hand at professional Russian Billiards – the most difficult and prestigious form of Billiards in the world. Each apartment has a large billiard table, created according the traditions of the XIX century by the best craftsmans of Russia.

Why choosing Tazik Club?

Exotics don't always have to be extreme or alarming. In Tazik Club you can be fully confident in your safety. You will be served by Spa specialists with medical education, swimming pools will amaze with purity of water (subjected to double antibacterial processing), there will be a free safe box in your apartment, and the territory around (not inside the building, of course), is continuously controlled by video cameras.

After all, it is no accident that the Tazik Club has already been tested and approved by leading Russian football players, top politicians, artists, famous pop singers and even several Hollywood stars.

The Tazik Club is a diamond among the traditional Russian saunas. And it’s expensive like all the diamonds are. But it's worth to try! 

Look at the photos (we guarantee the authenticity of the photos or refund your money), choose the style of the apartment, gather friends and welcome to an unforgettable party in Tazik Club Moscow!

Please, call +7 499 648-68-44 for booking in English. 24/7.

Our address is: 1812 Goda street, 18. Moscow, Russia

You can show the contact page for you taxy driver. 



Important to know:

  • Tazik Club is open every day 24 hours, but it is better to make a reservation in advance, because we have only 4 private apartments. Also the stove in the Russian bath requires 2-3 hours to prepare. 
  • All the equipment’s in apartment (hot steam room, hammam, swimming pool, music, karaoke, TV channels, safe box, bathrobes, slippers, toiletries, ets.) are included.
  • The extra pay: food, drinks, spa treatments made by spa-specialists. It`s not allowed to bring your own alcohol drinks.
  • We can arrange for you a rock concert, entertainment, dancing show, traditional Russian music "balalayka" or a bears show (extra pay, please make request in advance). But if you want your girl friends to participate the party, please, you should invite them yourself.
  • The minimum rental period is 2 hours.
  • For your convenience, we have English and Arabic speaking staff. 
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard and cash (Russian rubles only).


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Банный дворец Tazik Club: для встреч на высшем уровне!