Glamour apartment

Apartment " Glamour "is designed in the style of" dolce vita " for creative and energetic people. Elegant and sophisticated furnishings, unique interior elements, specially created by designers for this room. On the huge sofas of the hookah room it is easy to forget about the time and spend the whole night talking. The apartment can be combined with the interconnected "Americano" hall, which makes them convenient for big events.

Our address is: 1812 Goda street, 18. Moscow, Russia

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The main features of the apartment Morocco:

  • Russian steam room with wood stove
  • Hammam and ice fountain
  • Swimming pool with waterfall
  • Professional karaoke system
  • Hi-Fi music system
  • Home cinema and satellite TV
  • Craftsman's made table for Russian Billiards, 11 feet
  • Hookah and billiard rooms
  • Two bedrooms
  • The total area of the apartment is 395 square meters
  • We recommend up to 12 guests
  • For rent: 22000 Russian rubles per hour (2 hours minimum)

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