Morocco - an apartments for a small group. Moorish-style decoration, traditional mosaics, hand-painted panels offer a relaxing holiday and romantic dates. Every detail of the interior evokes thoughts about the spices of Marrakech, the tales of ancient Arab tribes, the dunes of the boundless Sahara... A spacious Russian steam room and a large swimming pool will help you to relax, and you can continue the meeting at a candlelight dinner.

Our address is: 1812 Goda street, 18. Moscow, Russia

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The main features of the apartment Morocco:

  • Russian steam room with wood stove
  • Swimming pool with geyser and lighting
  • Snow fountain
  • Professional karaoke system
  • Concert music system
  • Home cinema and satellite TV
  • Table for Russian Billiards, 9 feet
  • Bedroom
  • The total area of the apartment is 225 square meters
  • Recommended for up to 6 guests
  • Rent: 9.900 russian rubles per hour (2 hours minimum)

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