Versailes apartment

The atmosphere of the palaces of the XVIII century is so carefully recreated in the huge halls of the apartment "Versailles" that they have repeatedly become a platform for shooting movies.

The spacious Banquet area allows you to feel free. Spacious steam rooms are perfect for unique procedures in four hands and allow you to make a real show of the Russian bath. Whether you're celebrating a deal with foreign partners or a birthday party, Versailles will help you impress your guests.

Our address is: 1812 Goda street, 18. Moscow, Russia

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The main features of the apartment Morocco:

  • Russian steam room with wood stove
  • Hammam and ice fountain
  • Swimming pool with waterfall, geyser and counter flow
  • Professional karaoke system
  • Concert acoustics
  • Home cinema and satellite TV
  • Craftsman's made table for Russian Billiards, 12 feet
  • Hookah
  • Two bedrooms
  • Massage room
  • Total area of the apartment: 470 square meters
  • We recommend up to 12 guests, when planning in advance - up to 30
  • For rent: 28.000 per hour (2 hours minimum)

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