• Everyone is close, always waiting!

    Phone: +7 (926) 520-31-07

    or write to us in WhatsApp and Telegram

  • Address

    Moscow, 1812 year street, 18

  • How to get to us:
    The separate club building is located at the intersection of Kutuzovsky Prospekt and TTK, near Moscow City, within walking distance of the Triumphal Arch. Drive up to the barrier and the security guard will let your car into the parking lot in the inner courtyard of the club.
  • In case of interruption of communication on the main phone number, please call back on the backup phone numbers
    Round the clock:
    +7 (499) 340-00-40
    +7 (926) 907-51-23
    +7 (499) 7-530-540
  • All club professionals and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pay the rent

    You can instantly make a prepayment for the rental of the halls of the bathing palace "Tazik Club" through the Quick Payment System.

    To do this you need:

    1. Contact the manager of the club by any of the round-the-clock phones, WhatsUpp or Telegram to clarify the availability of free rooms and the amount of prepayment.

    2. Go to THIS link. Open your bank's mobile app on your device.

    3. Enter the required amount and pay. Bath complex rental services are provided by TASIK Club Ltd.