Bath club on Kutuzovsky Prospekt
The bath complex consists of SPA and bath suites.
Each of them has a Russian steam room and hammam, a swimming pool, a banquet zone with karaoke.

Moscow, 1812 year street, 18
+7 (926) 520-31-07
Spa Suite «America»
Suite in classic style for those who appreciate comfort and coziness
Spa Suite «Vostok»
A suite for a small group
Spa Suite «Europe»
A suite with the atmosphere of 18th century palaces
Spa Suite «Asia»
A dolce vita style suite for the modern and energetic
Bath traditions
In the center, 24/7
The luxury of the palace
Wood-fired steam room
Large pools
The best karaoke

Spa and bath rituals
Pools with crystal clear water
Russian steam room with wood stove
Relaxing oriental bath, in the center of Moscow
Massages, wraps, masks and gammages
Restaurant of Tazik Club complex
Author's menu based on European and Russian traditions with addition of molecular cuisine elements.
Special offers
A gift of 5 hours of free room rental when you prepay for 10!
We are ready to make you a unique offer

Moscow, 1812 year street, 18

+7 (926) 520-31-07

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The separate club building is located at the intersection of Kutuzovsky Prospekt and TTK, near Moscow City, within walking distance of the Triumphal Arch. Drive up to the barrier and the security guard will let your car into the parking lot in the inner courtyard of the club.

All club professionals and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.