Tazik Club against clubs with private booths.


Tazik Club against clubs with private booths.

Karaoke in bathhouses and saunas is nothing new. The question is in the approach. Tazik Club is not only a Russian bathhouse, which claims to be the best in the country, but also separate halls equipped as premium class karaoke clubs. And if you like to sing among friends, no other karaoke club in Moscow "with separate booths" will not provide such a combination of space, privacy and first-class equipment. Equipment of this level can be found only in the best karaoke clubs.

The key element - AST-250 machines, the newest and, according to connoisseurs, the most advanced systems in the country, are installed in every hall. In practice, this means an excellent selection of songs: more than 53 thousand tunes (both MIDI versions and original phonograms and video clips), and a stable monthly replenishment of the repertoire with fresh hits.

Equally important is the concert acoustics with a power of 3 kW, optimized specifically for karaoke, which provides powerful and juicy sound. Professional microphones Sure, the brand chosen by such celebrities as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Grigory Leps and Yevgeny Meladze, will help to reveal your voice.

You can choose songs not only in the usual way - through paper and on-screen catalogs. It is much more convenient to use the control via a special application on iPad, which are integrated into the system and placed in the halls.

In any, and the largest, and the smallest hall (of course, if you can call a small hall with an area of 200 meters) you can appreciate the perfect combination of karaoke system, acoustics and microphones.

Enjoy your musical evening!

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